AKQUINET expands Qlik Sense add-on with fully integrated reporting module

Company-wide reporting system based on familiar Excel front end

Hamburg, 08. May 2017. The IT consultancy company AKQUINET has just developed a new reporting module as an extension of the Qlik Sense add-on Sense Excel. Sense Excel Reporting now allows Sense Excel users to generate analysis and key statistics automatically in the form of a standard report, and distribute them to an unlimited number of recipients. With the help of the well-known Excel front end, reports can be created based on the WYSIWYG principle („What you see, is what you get“) in standard formats such as pdf, Excel or html. Distribution of the reports can either be effected automatically at defined times, or remain flexible, the documents being supplied when requested by the user. Use of the Qlik entitlements system ensures that the reports will be distributed to precisely defined target groups and restricted to legitimate users. Task, report and user filters provide a basis for the user-specific individualisation of report templates. The module can be fully integrated with the Qlik Sense server, no special hardware being required. Nor is there any need for Excel to be installed on the server, as the complete range of functions will be replicated by way of Sense Excel.

„Sense Excel Reporting makes it possible to provide company-wide reports in an uncomplicated and automated way, on the basis of a consistent data infrastructure and key statistics valid for all parts of the company. In this way companies can ensure that both employees and managerial staff can make use of analysis and key statistics when making their decisions in cases where interactive or visual dashboards are not so relevant,“ commented Konrad Mattheis, Managing Director of AKQUINET and Qlik Luminary 2017.

The new module will be presented to the general public for the first time at this year“s Qonnections, Qlik“s worldwide users“ conference, which is taking place from 15 to 18 May in Orlando. On the occasion of the international event Konrad Mattheis and Alexander Nagler, Senior Solution Architect at AKQUINET, will moreover be speaking on the subjects of advanced analytics and the creation of server side extensions.

Further information about the event may be found at http://www.qlikqonnections.com



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