Asahi Kasei will present Packaging materials solutions at INTERPACK 2017 in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf, May 8, 2017 – Asahi Kasei Corporation and Asahi Kasei Europe GmbH will exhibit packaging solutions at INTERPACK 2017, held from May 4 to 10 in Düsseldorf, Germany, with many packaging products helping to reduce food waste.

„Mottainai“ is a Japanese term to regret the waste of food, which became famous with Kenyan environmentalist and Nobel Prize winner, Ms. Wangari Maathai. As a Japan origin company, Asahi Kasei has a similar philosophy and tries to reduce food waste with innovative technologies.

Barrioflex TM Premium Barrier Film is one of our innovations to be exhibited, this special film will extend shelf life of food to secure food safety and reduce food waste with its excellent barrier property. Asahi Kasei is going to exhibit various solutions including:

SUNTEC S FILM TM Type E Shrink film – eco-friendly, premium appearance wrapping film for food.

Airlid TM Plastic Lidding Film for Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at Hall 11, Booth C3-01.

Brands, Products and Solutions

Asahi Kasei PVDC Latex

-Ultra-Barrier Type: Asahi Kasei PVDC Latex S823A (Trial Product): Ultra barrier coatings provide superior properties to most other PVDC latexes. S823A is highly recommended for use in pharmaceutical blister packaging.

-Standard Type: Asahi Kasei PVDC Latex S82 and L818C (Trial Product): S821A (top coat) and L818C (base coat) barrier coatings provide a good balance between barrier properties and flexibility. The film structure is recommended for use in blister packaging.

BarrialonTM: SF films have an outstanding gas barrier performance

-Polyvinylidene chloride films with gas barrier properties: Excellent resistance to the passage of oxygen and water vapor protects the contents from oxidation, decomposition, putrefaction.

-Allows high-temperature sterilization: High resistance to heat allows atmospheric boiling sterilization (85 to 100C ) and retort sterilization (120C or lower).

-Excellent transparency: Excellent transparency and gloss make the content look attractive.

-Superior thermal shrinkage: Shrinkage upon contact with heat allows the contents to be lightly wrapped in neat packages.

-Hygienic: BarrialonTM – SF films conform to the specifications and standards stipulated in the Food Sanitation law.

BarrialonTM: Ultrahigh-Barrier film for Lamination

-Excellent performance as a barrier against both oxygen and vapor

-Barrier performance does not deteriorate even under high humidity conditions

-Excellent heat resistance enables retort sterilization

-Thermo formable

Actual applications: Boiling/retorting food, Lid/formed container, Medicines/medical products

BarrioflexTM: Premium Barrier Film

-Barrioflex RS111 film satisfies the highest criteria for food packaging, protection and preservation. It offers a very high oxygen barrier that prevents mold growing and oxidation. Its very high water vapor barriers prevent dry-out and weight loss. The protective Barrioflex barrier keeps odors out and protects flavor integrity. Barrioflex can provide up to 30 days“ shelf life.

-Keeps the great taste of the cheese until consumption, cheese wrapped in Barrioflex Film emphasizes that it“s made handmade, precious and delicious, opposed to industrial cheese packing.

SUNTEC S FILMTM: Type E Shrink film

-Eco-friendly, premium appearance wrapping film for food

-SUNTEC S FILMTM superior clarity allows wrapped products to look their best in every phase of distribution. It is designed for use in refrigerators, freezers, as well as at room temperatures

-Shrinking: shrinks up to 80%, suitable for wrapping various shapes with minimal stress tension, shrinks to fit various shapes without wrinkles or slack

-Clarity and Gloss: The high clarity and gloss makes the wrapped foods look great

-Poke resistance: Superior durability reduces punctures and tears during operation

-Cutting: Easy straight line cutting enhances operation efficiency

-EU regulation: SUNTEC S FILM TM is made from materials listed in the positive list of the EU

-Available sizes: Standard film widths: 380, 450, 500, 600 and 680 mm.

AirlidTM: Plastic Lidding Film for Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging

-Plastic Lidding Film for Pharmaceutical Blister packaging: Enables users to push out tablets as easily as aluminum foil, the innovative plastic lidding film is able to provide solutions that are unachievable with aluminum foil

-Cost saving: Material cost, printing cost, logistics cost, energy costs of blister machine

-Low sealing temperature: Reduces heat damage to tablets

-Weight saving: Productivity and workability can be improved from 60 % weight reduction in comparison with aluminum foil

-Eco-Friendly: reduces carbon footprint by 4 times as compared to aluminum foil

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