Kids train like professionals thanks to our sponsorship

Rehm Thermal Systems supports the fifth Kids‘ Kickabout at the Blautopf School in Blaubeuren

Obesity, concentration issues and an inability to perform simple coordination tasks are increasingly affecting our children. A lack of exercise can contribute to these problems. This is why Rehm Thermal Systems is involved in a variety of social projects aimed at getting children and young people more excited about sport and exercise. The end of April saw another Kids‘ Kickabout football day at the Blautopf School in Blaubeuren, already in its fifth year, in cooperation with Rehm, the Stuttgart football academy „GOAL“ and the company FutureSport – and it was a great success!

„Social involvement is a part of our company culture and helping children and young people is something that’s close to our hearts. That’s why we have been supporting FutureSport’s regional projects with financial and material donations for several years now. This way we can really get things moving for young people, in the truest sense of the word,“ says Johannes Rehm, Managing Director of Rehm Thermal Systems.

Kids‘ Kickabouts take place across the country. For pupils at the Blautopf School in Blaubeuren, the event has virtually become a tradition already. On 26 April 2017, 47 third-grade pupils spent an entire day improving their football skills with professional coaches and strengthening their team spirit. Instead of Maths and German classes, warm-ups, coordination and football training techniques were on the timetable.

As a special highlight of this year’s event, a famous face made an appearance. „The brilliant support from our sponsors helped us book the former professional footballer and coach Andre Trulsen – who counts VFB Stuttgart, FC St. Pauli and 1. FC Köln among his former clubs – for the Kids‘ Kickabout. His professional experience brought something extra special to the event and this day was once again a brilliant experience for the children at the Blautopf School,“ says Thomas Hilsenbeck, head teacher at Blaubeuren’s Blautopf School.

Ralph Pfender, a project manager at FutureSport, is also enthusiastic about the sponsors“ involvement. „Due to a lack of funds, the school usually only has the financial resources left to buy the essentials. Sponsoring allows us to give the children and young people the best opportunities to develop physically and mentally. We are immensely grateful to the sponsors for their support – these events couldn’t happen without them!“

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