Rehm is one of the best suppliers in Asia

The machine manufacturer is awarded the „EM ASIA Innovation Award“ in the „Supplier of the Year“ category

The readers of the EM Asia magazine have decided to vote for Rehm Thermal Systems as the best supplier in 2017! The award thus confirms the company’s innovative character, its presence as a global player and the outstanding services in the Asian region. Rehm also convinces with the high quality of the products, which are always adapted to the respective needs of the market.

The „EM ASIA Innovation Award“ has been awarded since 2006 and is awarded in various categories of electronics production during the NEPCON in Shanghai. The award recognises reliable services and new equipment and supports the development of innovative products and software in Asian electronics manufacturing.

For Rehm Thermal Systems, the award is a special honour. Especially in Asia, the German machine manufacturing company is continuously expanding its service and contact network, offering customers high-quality systems that are specifically tailored to the requirements of the Asian market. Rehm now has production sites in Germany and China as well as 26 offices in 24 countries worldwide and offers excellent on-site service. Renowned customers from the automotive industry, medical technology, avionics and consumer electronics have been relying on Rehm’s ideas for years and are convinced by the quality of the products.

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