Italian heritage label Sutor Mantellassi cooperates with Scott Schuman, founder of blog „The Sartorialist“. Their sneakers represent a contemporary look and finest craftsmanship and are exclusively available now at BRAUN Hamburg.

Since 1912, Sutor Mantellassi has been manufacturing the finest handmade footwear of the most exquisite quality. The Italian shoe manufacturer distinguishes itself with more than 100 years of experience and their very own, unique expertise. Now, the venerable house cooperates with Scott Schuman, ‚The Sartorialist‘. Their sneakers unite finest calfskin with a contrasting suede strip and thus represent a contemporary look and the finest craftsmanship.

„I wanted to make an updated and modern sneaker that looked very clean and chic but that also had interesting colour combinations. For me, I“m always looking for interesting colour combinations when I photograph, so I wanted to bring that same interest into designing this collaboration, “ Scott Schuman says about his collection.

Scott Schuman founded his blog ‚The Sartorialist‘ in 2005.When he left his sales job in the fashion industry to take care of his newborn daughter, he started to photograph people whose style struck him as exceptional in the streets of New York. He was one of the first to collect such pictures on a fashion blog and has since been regarded as a pioneer in his field.

See the collection: https://goo.gl/4zVpCR

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