Yanmar excavators demonstrate high performance after flood

During the clean-up in Simbach, mini and compact excavators were tirelessly in action.

Today, the big flood in Simbach am Inn, Lower Bavaria, dates back almost exactly one year. In the meantime, the clean-up activities during which Yanmar machines impressively demonstrated their flexibility and capacity have been completed, the restauration of the city is still in progress. Simbach has the potential to become one of the most modern cities – according to experts“ look into the future. On June 1, 2016, the level of the river Simbach mounted by five metres after heavy rainfalls. The so-called millennial flood destroyed the complete city centre within a very short time. It damaged more than 200 bridges, hundreds of vehicles and 500 houses in the sourrounding district of Rottal-Inn. Entire streets had been washed away, the access roads had become impassable. According to estimates, the devastating flood caused a damage of more than one billion euros.

Immediately after the disaster, numerous helpers from near and far started with the clean-up. The authorised Yanmar dealer and service partner EHM Mechanik GmbH, offering services for machines and plant engineering, was on site from day one – with its machinery and well trained experienced staff. For many months, up to twelve Yanmar excavators and wheel loaders of different sizes were in action.

First, the streets and bridges were made passable again, access roads were cleared and heavily damaged cars were pulled out from the mud. Here, the Yanmar Carrier C12R-B with an overall width of only 960 millimetres could show its considerable capacity – it was able to reach access steep and difficult areas. All Yanmar mini and compact excavators completely convinced during this operation. They provided great support to the emergency services“ teams, the fire brigades and the German Armed Forces that had joined forces to help. Especially, the various ViO models with their zero tail swing convinced with their stability and manoeuvrability on site with its impassable areas.

Up to 1.5 metres of mud that had piled up in open areas as well as inside buildings were efficiently cleared using different Yanmar excavators – from the 0.8 tons mini excavator SV08 through to the 10 tons compact excavator SV100. The whole district had to be cleared from wreckage, garbage and tree trunks. Sewerage pits had also to be cleared. 100,000 cubic meters of silted and oil-contaminated soil had to be transported to the waste incineration plant. During several months, the machines of EHM Mechanik GmbH were in use helping to restore gardens and parks.

During the restauration process, many people and companies affected rely on EHM Mechanik GmbH, knowing they can quickly provide the right machine from their fleet of new and used Yanmar excavators – at any time, whether to buy or to rent. In order to underline their solidarity with the seriously affected people, EHM Mechanik GmbH donated a substantial amount of money to the municipality of Simbach am Inn. Herbert Eiblmaier wants to set an example: „We also wanted to make a contribution. The powerful machines of Yanmar have incredibly proven its quality and reliability during an unusual commitment.“

EHM Mechanik GmbH is a specialist in mechanical engineering, construction equipment mechanics and electrical engineering. As Yanmar“s authorised service partner, the company and its highly motivated service team belong to the network of more than 170 Yanmar dealers. Thanks to the close relationship with the technical departments of Yanmar, all relevant requirements – especially attachments and special solutions – can be implemented to answer the costumer“s requirements and according to existing rules and standards.

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